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For almost 20 years we have provided second to none customer service with professionalism, expertise and quality standards many in our industry strive to achieve, but can't get near. We are very proud to announce that we are Medway Council 'Fair Trader' accredited. Only a handful of carpet and upholstery cleaners have this accreditation, so trust a vetted and checked business.

Our team , Chris , Lorraine, our very own facts and figures lady who looks after all of our database information, regular text marketing updates and invoicing and occasionally gets roped in to make a call or ten! Stephen, well what can we say about Stephen? He is Chris's son and is preparing to take his place at his Dads side to work in the business when he finishes his education.
We finish off our family run business with Barney and Lola, our two golden Labradors who keep Chris and Stephen on their toes with constant moulting, so the home carpets and upholstery are our training ground, thanks woofers.

Have you tried viewing our videos on our Facebook page? On there you'll our customer reviews and some of our 'expert' tips, give it a go, you may find out more than you thought you knew.