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1. We will take photographs at ALL of our cleans to hold purely as a means of protection from misrepresentation of our work or for marketing purposes. We do NOT require permission to take such photographs as we NEVER disclose the name or address of the location or persons involved.

2. When a clean is undertaken and the customer does not feel that a required standard has been met with the clean, then the customer has 48 hours to contact us and give us the opportunity to make an inspection visit to rectify any issues.

3. Our complaints procedure is as follows:
 A. The customer will make contact with us within 48 hours of any issue being noticed.
 B. We will make a mutually beneficial time and date to visit and rectify the issue/s identified. 
 C. Under certain circumstances we may not be able to rectify issues due to a number of differing reasons. IF            the customer has followed our policy of contacting us within 48 hours of the date of the initial clean and              allowed us to visit and rectify the issue/s, then and only then will a refund be made to the value of the
     issue and not the entirety of a multi room clean. 

4. We use social media as a marketing tool and therefore any abuse of our staff or fabricated statements made will be deleted and the abuser will be reported. 

5. We do have public liability insurance that in the VERY unlikely event of an issue occurring that is clearly down to our company then a claim will be processed , once and only once the customer has written to us and asked for such a procedure to be instigated.