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In light of what has happened over the last 4 weeks and even more so since we started the 'lock down' , we have made every effort to keep our customers at the forefront of our minds, now and ongoing throughout the rest of this year, 2020. To help us help you when this horrible virus has been kicked into touch, we have introduced a scheme called, 'buy now, pay over time'. This scheme is solely for those people who have had their wages cut or are having serious financial difficulties due to losing their income. 

How the scheme works is as follows: If you book an upholstery clean, namely 5 seats which would cost £100, we are deferring the payment across 4 months, so, it would cost you £25 a month. Also, if you book a carpet clean, with an overall cost over £50, we will spread the cost over 3 months, first instalment being £20 and then 2 further payments at £15 each. We aren't credit brokers, so we are doing this with one intention and that is to help our community recover from this hell. We will play fair by you if you play fair by us and that means that we are entrusting people to stick to the agreement we come too and not make us regret helping our community out.